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Pet Perfection Dog Grooming

"The Perfect Puppy Pampering Solution"

Specialising in Puppy and Young Dog Grooming Services

Are you feeling nervous about your puppy's first groom? 

What age should you start having your puppy groomed?

Should puppies be groomed differently to adult dogs?

How can the grooming experience support the well being of your puppy?

At Pet Perfection we use a range of methods to ease your puppy or adult dog into a suitable grooming regime including Dog Appeasing Pheromones which is like aromatherapy for dogs it comforts the dogs in strange or new environments, helping relax dogs into new experiences and separation from their owners. Please click on this link to know more. Our human clients are now able to have the opportunity to be pampered while watching their pets getting groomed via our Closed Circuit TV in our NEW complimentary Massage Chair. Being able to view your young puppy being groomed for the first time will relieve any stress you may be feeling. Tea, Coffee and Nibbles are also provide during your visit. We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

At Pet Perfection we are dedicated to providing professional, personal care for your canine companions. We value our clients both human and canine. Our great customer service and dog grooming skills and knowledge enable us to provide you with the flexibility to either drop your dog off early and pick up after work, or stay and watch us work on our closed circuit tv. It is your decision whether you would like your dog clipped to breed standard or an easy to keep pet clip. We are more than happy to help you in this decision and can suggest many alternatives.

Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing a healthy and positive dog grooming experience for both you and your pet in a professional, clean and stress-free environment where owners will feel confident leaving their pets for care. All dogs will be treated with kindness and consideration as well as with a professional and humane approach. Our focus on continued education in the dog grooming industry helps us maintain our high standards of safety and style so we can deliver consistent high quality care and dog grooming. It is our goal to assure owners that their pets will be treated with the same love and respect as we treat our own pets.

Pet Perfection has been a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia  since 1993 and we happily follow their Code of Ethics and Code of Practise.

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